fiddling with history


Pierre Cruzatte: A Musical Journey Along the Lewis & Clark Trail
  Daniel Slosberg as Pierre Cruzatte

Playing fiddle, jaw harp, bones, spoons,
and other instruments of the Lewis & Clark Expedition,
musician Daniel Slosberg takes audiences on an
unforgettable musical voyage with stops along the way
for humorous and moving stories about the journey
and about Cruzatte's critical contributions to it.


What happened to the violin in Klezmer music--the instrumental music of the Yiddish-speaking Jews of Eastern Europe? There's not a clarinet player on the roof, there's a fiddler. So why do clarinets and other wind instruments now dominate Klezmer? We'll figure out why, and along the way hear lots of great Klezmer music--on the fiddle of course.

Available May 2017

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