A F T,  B U M P E R,  C A N


Nates Rhymes with Euphrates

Let’s hoist a glass me maties
and you visiting Kuwaitis
as we sail the grand Euphrates
while we sit upon our nates.

’Tis a term that’s anatomical
and anything but comical,
though brief and economical—
you can hold it in your palmicle.

So drink a toast, me maties
while the temp is in the eighties
as we sail the wide Euphrates
all apérched on our nates.

’Tis a word that’s also medical
and not at all heretical
nor even antithetical
to proper etiquette-ical.

So grab your grog me maties,
you Carlies and you Katies,
and eat what’s on your plate-ies
as we sail the bold Euphrates
five abreast upon our nates,
on the broad and bold Euphrates,
a beau geste upon our nates
on the grand and gold Euphrates.

(I’ve digressed upon our nates
so I’ll stop because it’s laties.)